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SiteGround is the Premier Hosting Company

My experience with other hosting services has ranged from middling to poor.  SiteGround is the best.

  • SiteGround is Good.  They have solid state servers.  Their reliability is excellent.  You are protected from your neighbors.
  • SiteGround is Fast.  When configured correctly, your website will load faster than anybody.
  • SiteGround’s prices are competitive on the world stage. There are no hidden costs.  SiteGround is the Best Value by a long shot.

Our Story

WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the planet.  More than 25% of all websites run on WordPress. You do not hear about WordPress as much as others because there is not a lot of advertising.  WordPress is Open Source, meaning it is free to use, with no monthly fee.  The only ongoing cost is for hosting so you can use your own domain name.

Many people support WordPress through contribution of their skills, with free and premium tools to make fantastic blogs and websites. WordPress is so much better than anything else out there.  Thousands of people contribute.  It is amazing.

WordPressForge is committed to provide access to these and other great Open Source resources by offering free installation and setup, done the right way. Once you are set up, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of video and written tutorials to show you how to take the next steps.  We want to give you a leg up in this journey.

Bill Brodegard