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...Break Out!

One of the biggest challenges to Making Money Online is the technology wall.  It is so hard to figure out how to install WordPress correctly.  What does FTP and cPanel mean anyway?  Who knows how to set up a database? This is Rocket Science!

Many would-be entrepreneurs never start because of this barrier.  If this describes you, then you’ll be happy to know about our Free Tutorial.

It’s simple.  We show you how to install and configure your WordPress Website or Blog for just the cost of the hosting that you need to purchase anyway, including Free, Secure SSL and CDN.

Plus, we you get the essential plugins to get you started on the right foot.

How Can This Service Be Free?

When you start a blog or a website, you need two things to start with.  You need a domain name (the so people can find you on the Internet.  Second, you need hosting, which is rental of a spot on the Internet Cloud where your website resides.

If you get hosting from SiteGround through my link, you get Excellent Hosting, an SSL certificate for your site, and a Free Domain name.  I earn a commission from SiteGround that makes it worthwhile to setup your site.  It is as simple as that.


Why Are You Doing This?

I am embarrased to think of how long I was hung up on the technical side of getting a website.  I tried every avenue.  I hired someone to do it, at least twice. I found that I could not change anything unless I begged the developer to fix it.  And it was costly. I tried the all-inclusive site builders, only to find out they cost an arm and a leg every month.  The free ones don’t let you have your own domain name.

So, I figure there are lots of people like me who just want to get past the rough parts.  This will do just that.


What Are the Downsides?

If you want a great blog or site and you want to get over the initial technical hurdle, there is nothing better than getting this done so you can apply your customization to the site. After that there are tutorials  that show you how to modify the site for your message. Your site will be ready for basic editing and you can get started right away.

The only downside is you may have to wait. As you might imagine, the demand is growing for this kind of service, and it is first come, first served. There is no time better than the present. You can get started in the next few minutes if you want to. 

Is This Like

There are several variants of, including Squared Up login, and  They are all Squarespace. is a great website builder.  The main issues are the monthly payment and the extra money for the things you need. 

When you use WordPress, you get a fantastic website, and when you want more features, they are most likely available as a free plugin.  The biggest challenge is installation and setup, and you get that for free.  You can get on with your website building rather than being muddled with the technical stuff.

With WordPressForge, you get a free domain name, great hosting from Siteground and free, done right setup for your site.


Do You have a Sample of The Site I Will Get?

Yes. Select a button below to go to a sample Blog or Website. 


How Do I Edit My Site?

The editing is a lot like editing a Google docs or a Word document.  Cut and paste works.  You can even paste from another program like Google docs or Word.  In some ways it is easier because you can easily go exactly where you need to go with a click.  We provide a step by step guide so you can change the pictures and the text to your liking.  There are also many tutorials on Youtube.  The biggest block is to get past the technical setup, and to get it done properly so you start out right.  That is what I needed when I started, so I want you to have that advantage.

What Do You Get?

You Get a Great Website With All These Features

World Class Theme - Ready to Edit, with detailed instructions so you can make it Yours


SSL Certificate - You get https:// for best performance on the Internet

Responsive Performance - Works On All Devices

Free Domain Name - For Life

Fast Loading, CDN Included


Ready for Search Engine Optimization

Security Plugins to Avoid Hackers

Proper Configuration - For Speed, Appearance and and to Avoid Trolls


Optimized Domain Name - Best Branding