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This is Exactly What to Do to Get Your Free Access

Three Steps To Your Free Access

1. Pick a Domain Name

The best domain name is a .com.  There is a great way to quickly pick an excellent .com domain. Go to and pick one as described below.  Do not purchase it.  You will get the Domain for free soon.  Here is the first page of the Website:

Think of a word that you want to be part of your domain name.  Type it into the white space provided and click on the blue “Search Domains” button.

You will be presented with many possible names. All of them are .coms.  Select one, write it down, then return here and proceed to the next step.  Write down “” while you are at it so you don’t get lost.  You can easily return to this page by clicking on the “Get Started” Tab on Your Browser. The tab looks something like this and should be up there now:

Press the button below to select your domain name:

2. Purchase the Domain Name and Purchase Hosting

It is necessary to sign up with SiteGround for this service.  Siteground is excellent.  We use SiteGround. You get world-class web hosting that you would pay for anyway, plus a free domain name and free SSL.  We earn a commission when you purchase the hosting, making this service a sustainable business for us and a great service for you.  A Win-Win!

Here is what you will see when you click on the SiteGround link in a moment:

This is Where You Select Your Hosting Plan

If you are just going to have one website, choose the StartUp Plan.  You can always upgrade.  Click on the orange “Get Started” button and you will go to the next page:

This is Where You type in the Domain Name You Chose Earlier.

When you type in your chosen domain name, SiteGround will let you know that it is an available domain name.  Then click the blue “Proceed” button and go to the next page:

You can select 12, 24 or 36 months of discounted hosting. 

The Domain Registration and SSL certificate will be pre-selected. Don’t select anything else.  Click the blue “Pay Now” button to go to the payment page.

Important: You will choose a Username and Password that you will give to me so I can set you up.  When I am done you will be prompted to change the password.  

Click on the button below to go to the SiteGround Banner Link:

3. Fill in the Form Below

When you are signed up at SiteGround, fill in the form below, and we will get right on it.  We will keep you informed of progress by email.  

Free Blog or Website Request

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Perfect! Thanks.