How to Get A Great Domain Name

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Quick Checklist for Selecting a Great Domain Name

  1. A .com is the best. Other domain name extensions are gaining popularity, but if you stick with .com you are on solid ground.
  2. Find keywords in your niche and use variations on those
  3. Avoid cute, trite and plays on words.
  4. The shorter the better.
  5. Do not use numbers because people do not know to use the number or spell it out.
  6. Select a domain name that is easily remembered.
  7. Watch out for names that are similar to another established company.
  8. Do not use hyphens. People do not know to put them in.
  9. Sometimes you can add a word at the beginning or end to get your keyword included. “The” and “my” before the keyword can work well sometimes, and “store” or “shop” might work after.
  10. If you do combine words, use words that start with consonants to help with reading the domain name. For example, Prestashop is easier to read compared to Prestaitems.
  11. A great way to pick an excellent name is to go to and follow these directions.

Type in a keyword:

LeanDomainSearch Home Page

You will get a huge list of names. Note the “Popularity Index” on the lower right.  It lets you know if the keyword you chose is a popular term. The list is shown and it is self-explanatory.  These are .com domains that are available.  If you want to find out how to get that domain name for free, click here.

LeanDomainSearch Home Page