How to Make a Great Website

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Quick Checklist for Making a Great Website

  1. The most important part is to decide what your Website is about.
  2. Recognize that the topic and your content are king.  Keep your design simple.
  3. Get a great Domain Name.  If you use this service, you find out how to get a great domain name and get the Domain Name for Free.
  4. Get Hosting.  If you use this service, you get the best hosting right away.
  5. Get SSL.  If you use this service, you get SSL for Free.
  6. Install WordPress. If you use this service, the WordPress Installation is Free.
  7. Configure WordPress for security and speed.  If you use this service…you get the idea.
  8. Set up Your Blog with pictures and prose to Make it Yours.  If you use this service, you get a Great Step by Step Guide on how to do it.
  9. You will want an organizer for your website so you have everything in one place.  The Website Organizer Spreadsheet System can be downloaded here: