Here are Several Tools that You Might Find Useful in Your Website-making Activities
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How to Get A Great Domain Name

A great domain name can be a big plus to your brand and your business.  Normally, finding a domain name is a process of guessing and seeing if that name is available. Usually the name you want is not available, or you can only get it with an extension that is not a .com.

It would be much better if the available .com names were presented where you could make a choice.  Well, you can.  Click below to learn more an get connected to the Domain Name Gnerator.

How to get a Great Business Name

A good brand name can help your business.  In general, the ideal business name is short and simple.  Try to be descriptive and clear in your name.  Though there are lots of exceptions, having a name that is descriptive answers one of the first questions a prospect has, which is, “What is it that you do exactly?”  The button below will take you to more information, and economical ways to get a great business name.

How to get a Great Company Name

What is the difference between a company name and a business name?  Sometimes it is nothing, such as when you have just one business.  On the other hand, if you will have several businesses, an overarching company name is important.  Think of Google changing to Alphabet.  By the way, be careful that the name you are considering means something good in other languages.   The button below will take you to more informaton and ways to get a great company name.

How to Get a Great Slogan

Done right, a slogan can explain the business better than a whole story.  Take for example, a great Old Spice deoderant slogan, “IF YOUR GRANDFATHER HADN’T WORN IT, YOU WOULDN’T EXIST.  Powerful.  There are alogorithms that can help inspire a slogan for your business.  The button below will give you more information.

How To Make A Great Blog!

A great blog is organized and analyzed.  How do you make your blog look like a million?  Use the button below for checklist format instructions to give your blog the right look.

How to Make a Great Website!

A great website can impress visitors and move your goals forward.  This checklist shows you how you can make a fantastic website in a quick, checklist format.  Click the button below.

Top WordPress Plugins

Out of the thousands of Plugins, which ones really do something without doing something bad?  The button below will take you to the answers.

WordPress Glossary

The WordPress Glossary is a list of terms and their definitions so you can make sense of the terms.  The button below will give you take you there.